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About Us


Established on July 2009, DiMeLED provide solutions for special lighting features for the Building and Construction industry.
Dimeled’s core business activities include lighting design, system design, implementation and maintenance.
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DiMeLED Private Limited is a Singapore registered company that specializes in LED Façade Lighting Solutions for the building and construction industry. Our solutions mainly consist of Architectural Facade Lighting, General Lighting, Landscape Lighting and Bespoke Designer Lighting.

We employ high quality lighting luminaries and control systems to deliver reliable and creative lighting solutions that will be an asset to your development. Our LED products are fully dimmable and programmable in any arrays limited only to one's imagination. LED Facade Lighting can provide substantial energy saving as compared to Traditional lighting solutions. They are also dynamic and able to animate in beautiful lighting sequences.

Some of the major projects that we have installed include the Millenia Tower and Centennial Tower LED Lighting Projects. Through these experiences, Dimeled has proven itself to be a reliable professional Lighting System Specialist. We provided technical and engineering expertise to achieve the lighting design intent. Dimeled also provides design solutions for clients to preview.

Dimeled is also the Asia distributor for Pulsar Lights.


Based in the heart of Cambridge UK, Pulsar develops and manufactures electronic control and lighting systems that provide the core of many hi-tech installations around the world, especially in the UAE regions.

Pulsar’s philosophy is to create products that can be integrated into as wide a range of design applications as possible, thus making the investment in product development a logical choice when taking into consideration the comparison of their functionality, together with a commitment to quality and customer service that is second to none.

Throughout its history Pulsar has always embraced the latest developments in technology, and today is no exception. Recent developments in high-power LED devices have been harnessed by Pulsar to provide its customers with a substantial range of LED lighting products that are suitable for entertainment and architecture. As technology advances, you can be sure that Pulsar will continue to develop state-of-the-art lighting and control solutions.